Walkies of Headington

About Us

I have lived in Oxford for over 30 years, attending Matthew Arnold School, Oxford College, Buckingham Chilterns University and Oxford Brookes University.

After many years in management, consultancy and charity work, I set up Walkies to provide a professional dog walking service in Oxford, making the decision that I wanted to work for myself, and there would be nothing better than working with dogs. Being bought up with dogs has given me a lifetimes experience of dog ownership, and I have worked hard to gain knowledge to enable me to reliably and safely walk dogs for my clients.

I have one dog of my own, Snicker, who sometimes accompanies us on group walks. He is a very lively Border Terrier, who has endless energy and he has re-enforced my belief that dogs need to be physically active as well as mentally challenged.

We also do agility and we have just started fly ball.

I also ride and keep horses. I have two, a nutty Welsh Cob, who I hack and do low level local competitions with, and a three year old Welsh Part-bred who I bred from my daughters jumping pony. He was backed in October 2011 and is going nicely.

I have two assistants who help out, picking up dogs and walking with the group.

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