Walkies of Headington

Our Services

Initial Consultation

We will come to your home in Oxford and this is a chance to get to know you, your dog, and to discuss your dogs needs and access arrangements. We will ask lots of questions about your dog, his likes and dislikes, level of training and socialisation, personality, and your requirements for him.

Group Walks

Walkies will take your dog out for a walk in a small group, usually no more than four. If groups are bigger than four, an assistant walker is there to accompany the walk, ensuring all dogs get the attention they need and crave. Groups are put together taking into account many factors such as: exercise needs, compatibility, area in Oxford, training level. Group walks may be on or off lead (with express permission of the owner) We vary where we walk around Oxford, some walks will be in Shotover Country Park, Port Meadow, local parks, footpaths and bridleways.

Individual Walks

If your dog is not good in a group or has specific walking needs (the young or the old) they may need an individual walk. These take place locally to your home and will be tailored to your dogs needs.

Home Visit Service

Walkies will pop in and feed your dog, let him out in the garden for a toilet break, we can feed the cat, check the rabbit, and are happy to bring in the post or put the bin out if needed!

'Walkies of Headington, Oxford, aquires the dog walking business of Oxford Dogs'

Alex of Walkies of Headington has been working closely with Natalia of Oxford Dogs and has agreed the takeover of the dog walking activities of Oxford Dogs. " I am excited to be able to expand the business, and very happy to be working with the lovely dogs and clients from Oxford Dogs to ensure a smooth handover and continue the high standard of care"

"Taking on these new dogs has allowed Walkies of Headington to offer more vacancies in Oxford, and will be walking daily in East Oxford and North Oxford."

Oxford Dogs continues to offer luxury home boarding, set in 4 acres of beautiful rural gardens, minutes from junction 6 of the M40, and has exciting plans to develop the service.

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